Website management in Evolution

    Most of our new users after couple hours of studying are able to confidently work and understand all features of Evolution CMS on their own. There's no need of constant consultation as it often happens with other CMS.

    What makes Evolution CMS so simple?

    All necessary information right at hand

    Evolution has simple list of all document which is present on website. It has a tree structured UI and resemblances familiar file/directory structure. Clicking right button opens the menu that consist of necessary actions on documents, such as:

    • create new document
    • publish / unpublish document
    • delete document
    • move document
    • make a copy of a document

    Control documents the way you want

    Documents in the document tree have different visual representation depending on their states, which helps with easier navigation and orientation inside of system. Deleted documents are not removed from the document tree, but have a strikethrough and highlighted with red color.

    There's a feature to duplicate documents and all of their nested children, this is a huge time saver when you need to make multiple sections of the same kind.

    Managing TV-parameters

    Depending on your TV-parameter settings, it could be a text field, dropdown menu, checkboxes, radio buttons, image uploading field or an additional rich text editor.