More about Evolution CMS

    Evolution is a functional, extensible and user-friendly site development system (CMF), as well as a user-friendly management system (CMS). This engine is a new generation, which was originally designed to create Web 2.0 generation projects

    Key Features

    • intuitive control system interface
    • simple template language
    • full control of HTML-code, allowing to implement any design
    • convenient document tree
    • integrated mechanism for working with ajax
    • built-in NC support (SEF)
    • user management
    • separation of managers and web users
    • create user groups
    • creating groups of documents with limited access for both visitors and managers
    • effective work with documents
    • publication and cancellation of the publication of the document, including automation at the specified time
    • support for different types of documents (MIME)
    • creation of additional parameters of various types (text box, checkboxes, drop-down list, etc.)
    • integrated SEO engine (keyword and meta tag management)
    • excellent extensibility (with the help of snippets, plug-ins and modules)

    Common used extensions:

    DocLister - The ideal solution for the output of news feeds, lists of goods. It is possible to work with arbitrary tables. From the access box, filters, extensions, various types of sorting by standard system fields and TV-parameters.

    DLMenu - Tool for organizing menus. It gives an opportunity to organize both a simple, multi-level and drop-down menu. Easy to change and customizable.

    FormLister - Manages the work of forms in the CMS. Allows to organize any form and its processing. It can simply send to the mail the information entered or process it to get some result - say, create a new document with the information filled in.

    DLCrumbs - Creation of chain links ("bread crumbs") on the site.

    evoSearch - search the site.

    A large number of ready-made add-ons are available on our website and the official repository.


    Evolution CMS is distributed under the GNU / GPL license, which makes it possible to use this CMS for free without any restrictions and makes it possible to work with open source.


    Evolution CMS 3.0 requires PHP >= 7.3.