Evolution CMS documentation

    • Evolution CMS is a professional website development tool that allows you to manage content and whole webpage at any capacity! This system is open source, and therefore free. Unlike most free CMS, on Evolution you can build a site of any complexity, with almost any set of functions, while the system will not in any way affect your HTML code. *

    How to contribute

    1. First of all, you must already have an account on GitHub, if not - it's very easy to set up.
    2. Make a fork of https://github.com/evolution-cms/docs/ by clicking the "Fork" button on the top right corner.
    3. You can clone the repository to your disk to work with it locally
    4. Or you can simply edit the * .md files directly on GitHub.
    5. When you're done, make a "Pull Request" to submit and push your changes to our repository.