EvolutionCMS documentation

    • Evolution CMS is a professional website development tool that allows you to manage content (and the site itself) absolutely 100%! This system is open source, and therefore free. Unlike most free CMS on Evolution, you can build a site of any complexity, with almost any set of functions, while the system will not in any way affect your html code. *

    How to contribute

    1. First of all, you must have an account on GitHub, if not - then make it very simple.
    2. Make a fork https://github.com/evolution-cms/docs/ to yourself by clicking the "Fork" button on the top right.
    3. Clone the repository to your disk and work with it locally, like everyone else (if you are a developer)
    4. If you are not a developer, you can simply edit the * .md files directly on GitHub.
    5. When you have done everything, you should make a "Pull Request" and send it to send changes to this repository.